Taxi Kauhava / Taxi Hannu Polvi

Taxi Hannu Polvi offers mainly taxi services in the Southern Ostrobothnia region, both KELA-Taxi rides, and so-called ordinary taxi rides.

Notice! The main station locations are mainly Kauhava and Seinäjoki, but carry or pick-up around the rest of South Ostrobothnia is possible, such as Härmä, Kortesjärvi, Lapua, Ylistaro, Kurikka, Kauhajoki, Jurva, Teuva, Karijoki. Also Vaasa.

I have also experience in taking customers as a KELA ride to different hospitals, such as Seinäjoki, Vaasa, Tampere, Turku and Helsinki.

In KELA rides, the customer is always assisted / escorted to the right reception / department of the health care center, of course only if the customer wants it. Similarly, on a possible return ride home, the customer will be escorted all the way inside if necessary.

How do you book me for a KELA ride?

Call to the call center: 0800 500 100. Thy will first ask for your social security number, where you are leaving from, and what is the destination, what time is the appointment. The center then estimates what time the departure should take place based on the length of the trip. At that point, you indicate that you want car number 6308.

That’s the number of my car, with which the center identifies me and my car, and informs me of the ordered ride. It would be good to make the order no later than 2 pm the day before, but the earlier the KELA ride is ordered, the more certain the customer will get the car and driver they want.

If you feel unsure about placing a KELA Taxi Order, you can call me on weekdays and weekends: 041 4550 696 (+358 41 4550 696), and we will find a way to place the order.

How do you order me for a so-called regular taxi ride?

Call me +358 41 4550 696 on weekdays (6 a.m. to 8 p.m.).

Who am I?

I am a returnee to Ostrobothnia. I was born in Kauhava, but I have lived in other places for almost half of my life, in addition to Finland, in three other countries. Most of the time I lived in Western Uusimaa(approx. 50-60 km from Helsinki), but before the corona virus I had time to live in Spain for approx. 1.5 years. Corona, my own temporary health problem and my mother’s health made me return to Finland. At the end of 2020, I came back to Kauhava improving my health, at the same time thinking about what to do next, so in December 2022 I started driving a taxi as an employee, until June 2023. In June 2023, it was time for a change – I got myself a taxi license, bought a car for the business, thus continuing my entrepreneurial journey. My goal is to offer customers a calm and safe taxi ride.

Tmi Hannu Polvi
Kauppatie 98 B 8
62200 Kauhava
Y: 2123500-1